Hello, my name is Janielle and welcome to my online kitchen. I am a Jamaican mom, wife, author, youtuber and a certified foodie.

Growing up, I never care for cooked food. In fact, I did not like to cook or spend any time in the kitchen unless it was to eat. I was always a picky eater and my grandmother would often have to cook separate meals for me. Most of the things I did revolved around food. Whenever I got spending money, the first thing I would do is go to the one of our street shops and splurge on sweets and snacks. I did that daily. I would even buy more food for lunch at school, even when I had brought lunch from home. Saving money was never a concern for me. I cared more about trying new foods or spending the money on my favorite foods. When my grandfather went to work, I would always ask him to bring home patty. Cheese patty was always my favorite, and I had it whenever I could. No matter where I went, having access to food was always the foremost thought on my mind. My grandfather actually nicknamed me foodie, and rightfully so.

Considering I was an avid junk food lover growing up, why did I create MoveYuhHand? Well, when I came to Canada, I had to learn to cook. I admit it wasn’t my favorite experience. I was still a teenager, but when I had to go back to high school up here, one class I chose was cooking. When I was in Jamaica, we learned very little in our food and nutrition class in high school. So when I came up here, I figured it was a great opportunity to see what I could learn. Every day after my cooking class, I would either bring home leftovers or try to remake the foods we learned. From then, I didn’t mind cooking as long as I could make the food I love.

Years later, I was not only cooking for myself but for my husband as well. He loved all the food I made, and it was such a joy making food that someone else enjoyed. When I had my daughter, I quickly learned how much she loved getting into things with her curious mind. She was often told to move her hand out of things. I started looking into creating a YouTube channel to show case my recipes to the world. I was already making my favorite Jamaican foods as well as experimenting with different recipes, so why not show other people? My Husband helped me created the channel, and I picked the name that my daughter inspired and the rest is history.

I hope my recipes appeal to people’s heart and stomachs and inspire them to try new things. After all, what’s another foodie?

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